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he is known by many fans as “the Greatest Show on Earth.” 00Heaven was the first big star in ACW and on her shoulders she carried the promotion to the top of the industry. Beautiful and sexy, she carried with her a mean streak that propelled her to the ACW World title and kept her opponents at bay.

With her success, she gained confidence but also gained a since of entitlement within the promotion causing numerous conflicts with members of the promotion. Her legacy, however, is as the star who put ACW on the map for years to come.

“I kicked every chicks ass in this promotion, I’ve become one of the most famous women in the world, I’m financially loaded… oh yeah, and I’m drop dead fine… I’ve made all of the right moves!” – 00Heaven”

00Heaven - catfightlegends.comIn some ways she is an enigma, coming out of nowhere to leap upon center stage, only to flame out like Icarus, flying too close to the sun. Presenting background information on Heaven is difficult because she has carefully and aggressively taken steps to protect her privacy. She legally changed her name to HEAVEN in 1997 but the records of her birth name and information were destroyed in a fire in the office of records in Illinois. As such, little is known about her, but much is speculated upon. The 5′ 6″, 126 pound beauty rode upon this wave of mystery to carve out a career on top of the catfighting world.

Hair :  Blonde
Height :  5′ 6″
Weight :  126 lbs.
Ethnicity :  Caucasian
Titles Held :  ACW World Championship

00Heaven first gained notoriety in Japan in 1997 where she had become an underground legend known as “the Golden Fire.” Trained by the legendary Tanako X, she allegedly took part in the back alley Japanese “fight clubs” and was being groomed for a career in Japanese professional wrestling. Many contend that this was just a fable created in order to stir up interest in the moribund field of apartment wrestling. In fact, her critics contend that she possessed a very limited skill-set, gathering attention and opportunities based solely on her appearance. The facts don’t lie, however, as she garnered many of the industry’s top awards and won match after match over a three year period. She reached super-stardom when she debuted in a 3-way dance match against World Apartment Wrestling Federation champion Doris Thompson and Universal Apartment Championship Wrestling title holder Christie Boretti. In one of the biggest upsets in modern sports history, she forced Boretti her to tap out, thereby unifying the world championship, as both the WAWF and UACW were absorbed into Apartment Championship Wrestling.

00Heaven vs. Dominique LeMonde


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For more than two years she dominated the promotion, defeating all comers. Many competitors felt that she was just a hot ass and a pretty face, however. Fellow competitor Diane Hunter believed her to be the “least talented, paper champion in the history of apartment wrestling. Totally smoke and mirrors.” Daniella Cartier agreed. “00Heaven should never have been in the conversation, much less in top seat. She had far less talent than most of the wrestlers I’ve matched up with. For whatever reason though, she won. She intimidated her opponents, got into their heads, rattled them and then probably cheated her way to a win.” Indeed, this is how she won her first title fight against Cartier, using illegal tactics and employing cheap shots, before pinning Daniella. In the end though, her luck and her tactics could only go so far. After more than three years as the champion, 00Heaven lost her title to a motivated and focused Cartier. Without the title belt, she seemed lost and bounced around from promotion to promotion trying to recapture the glory. The world of apartment wrestling had changed, however, and more sexy women had entered the sport. She had become a queen without a kingdom and quickly faded into the shadows.

Not since the early days of modern apartment wrestling had wrestlers like Seka and Cynara brought such striking beauty to the sport. 00Heaven also utilized the power of the internet to extend her brand and her appeal to fans around the world, becoming the first truly global catfighting superstar.





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