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Mandy Taylor



self-describd bad girl, Mandy Taylor entered ACW with a reputation… But not as a fighting bad ass. Instead, she was known for her years as a porn star, the veteran of more than 30 adult films. Her road to catfighting stardom would not be easy… But she likes it that way.

“I’m not ashamed of either career, but I don’t want to be pigeon-holed because of either one.” – Mandy Taylor

Mandy Taylor -

Outlandish, outrageous, unpredictable. Those were three of the words used to describe ACW’s most interesting star. Mandy Taylor is not a girl with a past… She was a girl with a future, and that is what she made clear for all to hear when she entered ACW.

Mandy Taylor was part of the Fall 2005 stable of ACW newcomers. She performed competitively in her first year and was one of the most improved catfighters in the business over her first few years. However, she has become noteworthy more for her other career than her current talent. In a promotion noted for sexy competitors, Mandy may be the sexiest of all, being a noted veteran of the adult sex video industry. Taylor is the veteran of more than 35 adult videos, including More Dirty Debutantes #288, American Bukakke #24 and 18 and Nasty #37. Unlike many people with scandals in their past, Taylor did not shy away from her adult career, nor downplay it. “I loved my porn work,” Taylor said. “It’s fun, I got to travel and made a lot of  great money. A lot of people try to put their spin on it and puff out their chests and make judgments about me or the industry, but they don’t really know a lot about the business and they don’t see how I dealt with it. To me, it was a job that I liked.”

Hair: Brown
: 5′ 5″
: 134 lbs.
: Caucasian
Titles Held
: Former Inter-Condominium Champion

Taylor was not a classically trained wrestler and so she had to employ a psychologically-based attack on her opponents. She possessed a wide range of personas and  put herself in different mind sets when presented with certain comments. A number of competitors referenced her porn career while trash talking and Mandy’s reaction has been very demonstrative. Cassidy Collins called her a porn whore, prompting Taylor to slap her across the face with such force that she knocked out a filling from one of Collin’s teeth.  The match was interrupted by ACW officials as Taylor appeared ready to pummel Collins, who was no longer in a position to defend herself. “She deserved what she got,” said Mandy. “There was no reason for that and if another girl wants to run her mouth like that, I’ll try to knock one of her teeth out too.”

Mandy Taylor vs. Alex Del Monacco -

While her change of gears was effective, Taylor’s behavior often swung to the bizarre side. During a match against Alex Del Monacco, Mandy broke down and started speaking like a child. Del Monacco would later say “that bitch is crazy. I mean there is something really wrong with her.” Taylor, however, said it was all part of a greater plan. “I’m thinking long term,” she says. “I’m just planting seeds here and there and those seeds will stay with people for a while.” Those seeds were effective and the very unpredictable Mandy got in people’s heads enough to run off a 17 match winning streak on her way to the ACW Inter-Condominium title belt. This had her poised for a run at the ACW title but she only had limited title shots. Some believe that she was blocked by members of ACW management who were fine with her notoriety drawing attention to her and the promotion as some type of novelty, but at the time, wanted no part of their title belt around the waist of a porn vixen. “I think a lot of people were worried that you would see her with the belt in a porn flick one day,” said former ACW champion Daniella Cartier. “Back then, there was a little concern within the promotion about it being a rater-R entertainment company, so I know there were a lot of people who wanted to keep her down.” Mandy never complained, however, continuing to get booked in matches and banking her money.


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“ACW did a lot for me. I was able to use the publicity from ACW to travel around the world a few years later booking matches. I earned about five times more than most girls as a featured catfighter and was able to use it later in my porn career. A lot of those people who tried to hod me down are broke. I retired at 30 and I have a lifetime of good memories behind me and a great future ahead of me,” she said. “I told you I had a long-term plan.”



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