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Taylor Wilson



he described herself as the baddest bitch in the history of catfighting. Towering over her opponents and possessing the raw strength that enables her to throw other wrestlers around like rag dolls, she could have been the biggest star in the history of the sport… but couldn’t get out of her own way.

“There is nobody in the business like me, nobody that can beat me, nobody that can stop me!” – Taylor Wilson

Taylor Wilson -

She is the original bad girl. Taylor Wilson has been one of the most controversial wrestlers in catfighting history, dominant because of her size and strength, and possessing a nasty streak that makes her terribly dangerous. Over the course of her career, she has been suspended by five catfight promotions for causing severe injuries to opponents. Many considered her unbeatable. But, she was often her own worst enemy. She had a mindset that drove her to do things her way and a huge sexual appetite that permitted her to made terrible decisions that cost her in the end. Despite all of her controversies, Taylor remained a huge draw with a huge fan following throughout her career.

Hair: Blonde
: 6′ 1″
: 165 lbs.
: Caucasian
Titles Held
: Former D-Cup Champion

Apartment Championship Wrestling Founder Tanako X described Wilson as such. “She has so much potential that it is hard to comprehend. She is aggressive, has excellent skills and above all, is very strong. The only thing that might limit her is her temper!”  Standing 6′ 1″ and weighing in between 145 and 165 lbs., Wilson gained a number of nicknames since entering ACW, including Wilt, Golilath and Andrea the Giant. However, the most oft used is Thor, after the blonde Nordic god. Her strength is frightening, not just because of the damage she can cause during a match, but also because of her unpredictability. After defeating Barbie Jean Mayfield, instead of shaking hands, Wilson picked Mayfield up with one hand and flipped onto her head, knocking her out of action for nine months.

Taylor Wilson vs. Tiffani Jones - apartmentwrestlers.comBecause of her height, Wilson was a natural for the runway and began appearing on the catwalk at age 16. A run-in with another model became a well-known video on AOL and she came to the attention of Tanako X. X saw her as a skinny giant, and wanted to fashion her as the Andre the Giant of the catfight world.  Her temper concerned him and h backed away from her, although he did recommend her for training in Japan. When she returned to the United States, she signed on with ACW and began her career in a match against Barbara Jean Mayfield. It was the first of 22 consecutive losses for her. Despite her strength and size, Wilson neglected to prepare for her opponents, too confident in her own abilities. On the verge of being released by th promotion, Wilson asked to be sent back to Japan for more training.

When she returned, she was a whole new person. Bigger, stronger, quicker and smarter. The extra weight she had put on allowed her to wear down her opponents. She immediately began to intimidate most of the roster and her wins began piling up. She was making all of the right moves until she began dating Tanako. Almost immediately she seemed to lose all of her discipline. As well as the filter on her mouth. She began bragging to the whole locker room about sharing her bed with X and then began complaining out loud to him when she didn’t get a shot at ACW champion Daniella Cartier. Within weeks, she was giving interviews to industry insider accusing X of sexual harassment. Over the course of the next few years, she instigated a campaign that almost took down the promotion. Given her release, she returned to Japan and toured Europe but continued to exhibit the behaviors that took her off of the title track in ACW. Ten years into her career she was almost destitute in London, England.


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Taylor Wilson is the perfect example of a fighter who couldn’t be beaten… except by herself. After several years in retirement, she has regrets. “Yeah, if I could do it over again, I would do a lot of things differently. But I have to admit, I had a lot of fun doing it my way.”



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