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Tiffani Jones



he described herself as 5′ 0″, 95 lbs. of Detroit Kick-Ass. Her size puts her at a disadvantage against almost all other wrestlers, but her quickness is equally matched by her confidence, attitude and aggression.

“These dumb bitches better recognize… They can try to overpower me, but they better not think they can intimidate me.” – Tiffani Jones

Tiffani Jones - catfightlegends.comAs member of the Motor City Posse, Jones entered ACW entered the promotion with a great deal of fanfare, but was considered the least likely of the group to meet with catfighting success. At only 5′ 0″ and 95 lbs., she was considered easy to overpower, but she possessed lightening quickness and speed and used her small stature to her advantage. She created a whole new way of catfighting and gained more success than anyone in her class, capturing the Rookie of the Year award in ACW.

Hair: Brown
: 5′ 0″
: 95 lbs.
: Caucasian
Titles Held
: Former Inter-Condominium Champion, Rookie of the Year

Above all, Tiffani Surprises her opponents with her aggressiveness. An example of this was her match against Barbie Mayfield, who outweighed her by almost 60 lbs.“She kept laughing at me, telling me that she was too big for me.” Jones explained. “I told her she was too damn big, then I walked up and smacked her upside the head. The little whiny bitch looked like she was in shock so I just kept jumping back and forth, moving around her and smacking her in her head again. Finally, I jumped into her chest and knocked her down and pinned her. No sweat, I just wished I had split her damned head open. She didn’t have shit to say after that!” She would often blitz her opponents, hitting them with a flurry of activity before they could get their bearings, and in their confusion she would often secure a pinfall or a tap-out.

Tiffani Jones vs. Chrissy Martin - apartmentwrestlers.comCatfight scout Von Slagle once explained “Her opponents would usually try to overpower her, but like the old saying… you have to catch her first. She moves so quickly that they get tired from chasing her. She’s also relentless and keeps attacking the girls. She’s quite a handful!” jones wasn’t satisfied with just impressing opponents and admirers. She wanted the gold. She defeated the great Diane Hunter for the Inter-Condominium title belt and defended it more more than a year. She went on to matchup against Diane Hunter twice for the belt but the veteran was too skilled for her. After Daniella Cartier regained the belt, Tiffani had to go through the Giant Taylor Wilson in order to get another title shot. Everyone laughed at her chances against Wilson. Taylor stood a full 13 inches taller than Tiffani and outweighed her by more than 70 lbs. Jones got the last laugh, though, as she war down the bigger woman. She chased Wilson around the Crowne Point Tower, finally leaping from a window sill and splashing Wilson, forcing a submission.


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Tiffani demanded an immediate matchup against Cartier, but was easily overmatched. Jones took a few months off to recover from her hectic pace and tried out for Playboy magazine. She was selected as one of the Girls of the Big Ten and her modeling career exploded. As such, she drifted away from catfighting before retiring at age 26.

Tiffani Jones intrigued the entire catfight world as she overcame all odds and every disadvantage to obtain championship belts and worldwide adulation and is considered by many one of the best catifghters in history.



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