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Alex Del Monacco
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technically skilled grappler and a stone cold bombshell, Alex Del Monacco reigned supreme as the top star in the catfighting world, holding the ACW title and enjoying more than three years without a blemish on her record. In an instant, however, she disappeared from the world of apartment wrestling.

“From a technical point of view, there is nobody in the world of apartment wrestling that can come close to me. The only thing that can stop me is my modeling or movie career. I’m that damn good!” – Alex Del Monacco

Alex Del Monacco -

Del Monacco took a strange route to the world of catfighting. She was simply a fan of professional wrestling and a student of Brazilian ju-jitsu, and during her training she would wrestle with other students. She had worked as a professional model since she was 13 years old and wanted to continue working in that industry so she wasn’t interested in pursuing a career in professional wrestling and having to uproot herself and take part of the grind on the indy scene. As it happened, Apartment Championship Wrestling founder Tanako X was in attendance at a fashion show in which Del Monacco was appearing. X, in an offhanded remark, threw out the suggestion that she become an apartment wrestler and Alex immediately volunteered to sign on.

Hair :  Blonde
Height :  5′ 6″
Weight :  110 lbs.
Ethnicity :  Asian-American
Titles Held :  ACW World Champion, ACW Inter-Condominium Championship

Her success was immediate and noticeable. She ran through her opponents, from other rookies to grizzled veterans. She brought a different skill-set to the promotion and challenged many of the sport’s greatest athletes to up their games. Focusing on a ground-based submission-oriented offense, Del Monacco out-wrestled and out-thought her opponents. At the same time, her slim frame made her very vulnerable to the offensive tactics of larger, more powerful opponents. After running off a 22 match winning streak, Alex was put out of action in a match against Terrible Taylor Wilson, who broke several of Del Monacco’s ribs with an elbow drop from the bed. After months away, Alex made her way back into action.

Testing herself in matches against Mandy Taylor and Val Simmons, Del Monacco thought herself well enough to make a challenge against ACW champion Daniella Cartier. In an upset heard around the world, Del Monacco forced Cartier to submit to leg hold to win the ACW World Championship belt.


Alex Del Monacco vs. Mandy Taylor

As the new champion, Del Monacco took on any and all challengers. She mowed through all of her competition in the promotion and then led a contingent of catfighters on ACW’s first tour of Europe in ten years. She issued a challenge to anyone in Europe to match up against her, and defeated all challengers, including former European Champion Lisa Nash.

At the same time, Alex was taking advantage of her worldwide exposure and began a marketing campaign for her modeling career. Soon she was on the cover of magazines across the globe which led to her next venture… Hollywood. Alex was cast as the lead character in the movie “Thong Girl 4: The Body Electric.” For Del Monacco, her career couldn’t be going any better, but like many who try to burn the candle at both ends, the pace of all of her activities finally caught up with her and an exhausted Del Monacco began faltering in her matches.  She was almost defeated by Brycee Adams and Jezebel, but pulled the matches out in the end. She would not be as successful in a rematch against Daniella Carter.
The two had a war, not only in words, but on the carpet as well. The match went back and forth and saw Daniella pull out a chunk of Alex’ hair. End the end, Daniella was too much for her and pinned Del Monacco in the middle of the floor at the Lexington Suites, just outside of Chicago, IL.




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A vanquished champion, Del Monacco tried to get right back into competition, but her heart just wasn’t into it as her body had hit a wall. Exhausted and dismayed with her loss, Del Monacco walked away from the promotion… and has never been seen again in the world of catfighting.

A knockout before there were knockouts in catfighting, Del Monacco made an impact as much with her wrestling skills as with her face and body, and is remembered as one of the all-time greats.




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