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Galas Looner



he entered ACW like a Miami Hurricane. The platinum blonde who bears a striking resemblance to singer Gwen Stefani, she was known for her pleasant demeanor and wasp-like waist. But nobody knew that sh would become an outstanding catfighter.

“Everybody looks at me and thinks I’m just a prissy little princess. They figure out pretty soon that I’m a real bitch!” – Galas Looner

Galas Looner - catfightlegends.comGalas began her catfighting career in a circuitous route, starting as a model after high school and eventually getting into fetish modeling (with the help of Kaila Ali, who also became a catfighter). One of her modeling gigs included some catfight pinup photos which intrigued her. She decided to dip her toe in the water and try her luck at catfighting. She didn’t fare very well early, not only because of her inexperience, but also because a number of the girls took a personal dislike to the gorgeous blonde with the beautiful body. “I had one girl who put me in a reverse head scissors and spanked my ass for damn near an hour. My ass was so red that I had to cancel all of my bookings for a week,” Looner remembered. “I was pretty pissed off, but I realized that if I didn’t want that happening, I had to take it seriously and get better.” She happened to run into a talent scout for ACW and asked what she needed to do to improve. He recommended that she train at the ACW Dojo in Chicago and she agreed. After six months of training in Chicago, she moved down to Miami where she competed successfully in several at-large tournaments.

Hair: Blonde
: 5′ 3″
: 130 lbs.
: Caucasian
Titles Held
:Former ACW Rookie of the Year, Former Inter-Condominium Champion


She liked to play the role of the delicate piece of eye candy, and would lure her opponents in before unleashing a vicious torrent of kicks and punches upon them. After racking up wins in eight tournaments, she met with Tanako X and was promptly signed by the promotion. She was part of what became known as the “Miami Invasion” along Kaila Ali, Megan Jones, Jen Capone, Katie Anderson and Katie Cummings.

Galas found success immediately, winning matches, not only against her fellow Miami girls, but also against ACW veterans. She put in a lot of training and was rigorous with her nutrition. She didn’t go out partying or partake in liquor or drugs and became a favorite of Tanako X and trainer Diane Hunter. She was named ACW Rookie of the Year, just beating out Megan Jones. She followed that up the next year by winning the Inter-Condominium title in a tournament, pinning Megan Jones. The title had been vacated when Rosario Delgado was suspended by the promotion.

Looner was flying high and began to enjoy her success. Soon, the disciplined woman who put training before everything began clubbing all around South Beach. She decreased her training intensity and number of sessions. Nonetheless, she continued winning and she and Megan battled back and forth for their various titles. At one point, Jones defeated Daniella Cartier for the ACW World Title. Galas fought her several times but was unable to wrestle the title away from her. Megan, however, had gotten full of herself as well. She began boasting that she would face anybody, anytime, anywhere. After a victory over Katie Anderson, Megan made the boast again when out of nowhere Galas appeared out of the shadows, kneeing Jones in the stomach and beating her down to the ground. Looner jumped across her body and pinned Jones on the floor.

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Pandemonium broke out within the promotion. ACW attempted to invalidate the victory as being an unsanctioned match. Galas refused to return the belt and threatened to jump to a European catfighting company. Her legal representative argued that by allowing Jones to continue issuing her challenge, ACW had “created” a 24-Hour, anywhere counts match and that Galas had obliged. Stuck with this controversy, ACW vacated the title and held a tournament to crown a new champion. Looner lost in a semi-final match to Kaila Ali and Jones defeated Kaila to regain the ACW Title. The blow to Galas’ ego was immense and she entered a death-spiral career-wise. All of the partying had taken a toll and she got lazy in her training. As often happens, when an athlete lets down on their training, their skills diminish quickly and she began a long drawn out skid. After seven consecutive losses, she challenged Jones to one more match for the ACW Title. Jones, in the driver’s seat, decided to make things interesting and demanded that if Galas wanted a title shot, she would have to put up something on her end… her hair. Despite having everything on the line, Galas didn’t have enough to beat her foe. She lost the match by pinfall and Megan held her down and shaved her hear. Bald and devastated, Looner fled the promotion, journeying overseas and wrestling in various organizations there.

Galas Looner was the “Platinum Princess” of ACW until her partying ways pulled her away from her training. Nonetheless, she is one of the finer success stories in the history of the catfighting.



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