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Gia Primo



he entered Apartment Championship Wrestling as the “Golden Girl,” possessing the looks and the charm of a star, but she had to leave organized catfighting to become the star that everyone though she could be.


“I have always been a star, even when I was losing. It’s easy to overlook a star until it shines bright!”  – Gia Primo


Gia Primo - - catfightlegends.comGia was born and raised in San Diego, California, an easygoing girl with a bubbly personality and magnetism that drew people to her. At age 18, Primo attended the San Diego Motorcycle Enthusiasts Exposition, and when one of the models failed to show, she began joking with some of her friends, pretending to be a spokesman from the company and extolling the virtues of a new road bike. The owner of the exhibit, Prescott Motors was impressed with her personality as well as her knowledge of the equipment and for the rest of the day to be a spokesman for the company. She parlayed this into a career as a company spokesman for hire in the San Diego area and it provided her with a level of acclaim and popularity. As such, she was invited to appear in a calendar for a local motorcycle club, leading to several more calendar appearances and the “calendar girl” soon began a full fledged modeling career.

Hair: Blonde
: 5′ 4″
: 124 lbs.
: Caucasian
Titles Held
: Continental Session Wrestling Championship

Traveling throughout the United States and Canada, she was involved in a calendar shoot with ACW champion Heaven and Barbie Mayfield and later visited them at the ACW Academy Dojo in Chicago. ACW competitor Diane Hunter challenged her to participate in a training session and Gia handled herself well enough to enroll in the Academy. With ACW’s new interest in the entertainment industry, Primo was signed to a contract and assigned to the Night Fights promotion for further training.

Gia Primo vs. Kristy BroussardShe began very tentative as a performer. She also faced a lot of opposition from a local of girls on the ACW roster, considering her little more than a little plastic doll looking to play around. Many sneered and made jokes behind her back while other were very vocal and upfront about their feelings, threatening to make her suffer greatly during a match.

Gia, however, showed herself to be more than a pretty face. In a match against ACW prospect Laura McCord, Primo was on the receiving end of a vicious kick to the face, a blow prohibited in ACW competition. When an unapologetic McCord attempt another similar kick, Primo batted down McCord’s flailing foot, pulled her forwards by the hair, then leapfrogged McCord and executing a sunset flip and a back bridge was able to trap Laura in a form of an inverted guillotine chokehold. A helpless McCord weakly tapped out but Primo refused to release the hold until Laura lost consciousness.

Gia made significant progress within the promotion and seemed to be groomed for a big push. Not everyone, however, views her as worthy. Gia said she could care less what others thought. “They can say what they want. A couple of the girls have tried to bully me but as long as I can slip out of their holds, I can break them down with mine — and will!”

Ultimately, though, the level of competition was too high for her and ACW reassigned her to for further training with Nite Fights. Gia, however, didn’t want to be moved down to the minor leagues and asked for her release from ACW. Her request was granted and she decided to catfight independently.

Knowing that she needed to improve, Gia took on a whole new training regimen. She began with studying Brazilian JuJitsu and dabbled in other martial arts, including judo, hapkido, thai boxing, and kempo karate. She used her new skills and developed a career as a session wrestler, facing men and women across the United States. She died her trademark blonde hair and acted as a heel villain and gained so much notoriety that she was flown across the world to compete in various tournaments and private sessions and she has never looked back.

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Gia Primo looked like she was going to have a bright future in ACW, but she found that in order to shine even brighter, she needed to forge her own path and has become one of the biggest stars in catfighting history.






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