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Katie Anderson

Katie Anderson


atie Anderson is called the “All-American Girl” and she fits the concept to a T. She is an all-natural blonde whose biggest battle is against the image of her being too squeaky clean for the world of catfighting.

“I may look as sweet and sunshine but I can be as mean as a snake if you cross me the wrong way. I’m serious about my business and I don’t take shit from anyone.” – Katie Anderson

Katie Anderson -

Anderson was born in Venice Beach, California where professional wrestlers Superstar Billy Graham and Hulk Hogan worked out with the likes of professional bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger. Her father was a big fan of the fitness culture and passed this mindset on to his daughter. Katie was active in sports and cheerleading in high school and was all set to pursue a career in fitness when a modeling agency came calling. Katie found immediate success as a model, featured on billboards and in magazines, but she grew tired and bored with the lifestyle and the culture, especially the other models. “The women were fake and pretentious and the companies just kept pressuring everybody to be super-skinny and unhealthy. Plus, the other models were such bitches, I just couldn’t stand it anymore.”

Hair :  Blonde
Height :  5′ 7″
Weight :  135 lbs.
Ethnicity :  Caucasian
Titles Held :  ACW World Champion

She moved from Europe back to the United States and settled into Miami, Florida where she began working as a fitness model. “The problem was, it was a different place but many of the same things going on.” Particularly, she found the cattiness and backstabbing to be too much for her. “It’s so funny how these bitches want to try to act like they’re tough and they’re just fitness models. I just got tired of it and had to set some of them straight.” By setting them straight, Katie was referring to the infamous “Hialeah Haymaker” incident. Katie was onstage with two other models who kept intentionally bumping into her. When she was knocked off-balance for a third time, Katie walked up to one of the girls and punched her in the face. She then grabbed the other girl by the hair and dog-walked her across the stage making her apologize loudly. The incident was seen by Apartment Championship Wrestling talent scout Masahiro X. He offered her a contract on the spot and when video of the incident went viral, the promotion used the notoriety to springboard her career.

Katie Anderson vs. Katie Cummings -

It took a while for her to navigate her way through the more-established talent within the promotion, but she showed a grittiness that belied her sweet, girl next door appearance. Trained by ACW Hall of Famer Diane Hunter, Anderson began picking off opponents one by one until she passed over Galas Looner to become the number one contender for Megan Jones title belt. The two matched up in a series of well received battles, until finally, Anderson delivered the “body splash from hell,” knocking the wind out of Jones and pinning her for the title win. She then began a reign of terror in the promotion, traveling on a tour of Europe in which she established herself as one of the top catfighters in the world. Her success brought on more opportunities for her and she was again pursued to engage in modeling gigs and promotional features. The grind eventually took its toll and her catfighting began to suffer. Katie carried the title for a year before losing in an upset to Katie Cummings.





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Katie Anderson continues to make appearances on the catfighting circuit, showcasing the grit and determination as a grappler with the softness and looks that have made her a fan favorite across the world.





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